Privacy Policy


The private and personal information of each individual is highly prioritized in the provision of our service, the feasibility of which relies on the confidence you have in the precise handling of your personal data. By granting us your details, we are committed to the responsibility of securing this information for complying with the privacy, integrity, and security of the provided information.


The Privacy Policy rules pertain to your usage of the ARUMYA cell phone app and accompanying website owned by ARUMYA PROJECT LTD (“we” or “us”). Combined, the App and the Site are termed “Service” while ‘you’ relates to all users of the Service involving the Service.

The presented policy lists our adherence to the rights you have in regards to personal information. In case you disagree with any of the Privacy Policy’s terms, please refute from using the Service.



By using our service, you consent to the gathering, saving, usage, specified exposure, and other utilization of the provided info as mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Accessing your personal information (i.e. any info enabling recognition via approved approaches; thus “Personal Information”) is crucial for extracting optimum functionality with compliance to contractual necessities concerning you, for guarding our legal interests, and for confirming to authorized and financial agreements.



Without proper file creation, part of the service could be utilized with the exception of particular features that necessitate registration and entering of personal data.

If you do not register for accessing the Service, the only usage of cookies provides information through unobtrusive and tracking techniques, besides any additional data entered by you including medical info (as explained below). Although exact identity recognition is prevented with the limited data, it is pertinent to info security laws and permission to your account as shown below.


If you opt to register- you will have to enter Personal Information that is linked to your medical info.

As information is entered with our service – in addition to either by telephone or email with customer service, medical info and other personal data may be gathered, for issuing the service.

When opted to be signed with a Google account, public information from the Google account is accessible, including full name, home and email addresses, date of birth, display picture, contacts list, confidential info, besides other data visible to everyone as kept on the account.



Personal Information

The personal information mentioned below is collected:

For Profile Creation and Information Entry: name, email, gender, year of birth, and occasionally zip code.

Information that may be asked for: country of residence, home address, birthday, and phone number.

 In case you’re a healthcare facilitator, you will be requested to enter about your education besides the supplementary info

collected while registering.

Optional Information: connection across email or “contact us” form usage.

Technical Information: gathered spontaneously from the usage of our Service with the IP address and loose gadget address.

Medical Information: Information on your current medicines, the date they were assigned, refill occurrences, medicine uptake frequency, the amount specified,  vital signs, and pharmacy name are health factors you may enter about for accessing certain aspects of our Service.


Non-Personal Information

The division into two categories:


Data handed: We gather information regarding how our site is used, including computing method or gadget utilized, operating language, type of internet browser, geographic address, and site utilization techniques.

Medical information: random non-recognizing data when entered (non-registered users in particular).


A number is spontaneously allotted to your installation of the App as you download the App in a gadget. This does not lead to recognition as long as you are not a registered user. As for the cookies mentioned in this Privacy policy, similar rules apply to this number. The number is unhindered by a change in settings for the App and gadget.

Technical Information: Automatic saving of particular data is inevitable, including computing method or gadget utilized, promotion identity, operating system app language, and type of internet browser.



Certain phrases sent to the viewer’s browser is what a cookie constitutes of. These words are then transferred to the initial viewer’s device when he/she returns. Cookies are thus crucial in assisting for better use of the Arumya journey.

Modifications and settings can be stored using a ‘persistent’ cookie which when logged to the Site, allows distinguishing of an appropriate user, eliminating the need of entering full data each time you log in. Cookie settings for acceptance and rejection of all or a few selected ones can be edited by the below-linked directions for the respecter web browser.


In addition, any persisting cookies can be deleted at any time; however, limiting cookies from our site may prevent the proper use of some solutions from the site.

“Google Analytics” also enables the process of gathering data in regards to the Service’s operation. This data relates to the frequency of the Site’s usage, what pages are opened most, and websites visited before arriving to the Service. Only the IP address allotted for on a specific day of Service utilization besides the operating system and app language instead of direct identification is the information gathered by Google Analytics. Google’s capability itself on using such information is limited to its Terms of Use as presented here and its Privacy Policy linked here.





  • Service Conduction – for enhancement of our Service and its functionality, the collected information is essential particularly when a problem appears on the servers. (For instance, recorded Medical Info will allow us to send reminders for medicine intake.

  • Relative Interaction – the provided personal info is used to administer texts, emails, or other forms of interaction for relevant knowledge gain, operation maintenance, enhancements, and Privacy Policy modifications here.

  • Promotion aims – Information entered including email address or phone number will be used for communication alongside relative content on our or our Partner’s services (that may be useful to you), by creating a preset profile from your Personal Information, for advertisement.“Opt-out” segment to not receive promotional content is available although personal information may still be transferred to third parties for non-promotional aims (such as admitting requests, interaction, and answering queries, etc.). This information is then only used by the companies to deliver non-promotional services.

  • Research and Statistics- Continuous enhancement of our services is a priority as we plan to add attributes that facilitate the Service to our users. Thus, surveys and tests may be conducted within periods for proper analysis and contributions to the development, evaluation, and improvement of the required factors.

  • Securing our investments- To safeguard ourselves against liabilities, third-party declarations, and to prevent fraudulent activities, using your Personal Information can be pivotal to maintain Service integrity, value, and property rights.

  • Policy enforcement- for imposing our policies as proposed in our Terms, or Client Agreement, Personal Information utilization can be essential.

  • Legitimate assurance- as asked for by law, regulation, and state power, or in subjection to a subpoena, Personal Information will be used.



Third parties involved include

  • Research subsidiaries: research institutes, healthcare facilities, and suppliers may receive your Personal Information for decisive matters and enhancement of service provision.

  • Customized profile setter parties: within periods you’ll be handed options of sharing data with other companies so to be notified of their products or services. When permitted to be shared, the information falls under the policies of the respective company.

  • Relevant interests: Personal Information may be utilized to introduce you to related links that might be of concern. This is done only for informative insights and information does not fall under the accountability of these sites. For more detail, please check under the “Connecting to Other Websites” segment.


  • Medical Assistance Apps: The apps we partake concerning Apple and Google will have access, on your agreement, to information entered, for research as statistical or analytical data required for facilitating our operation, further highlighted under the “Utilization of Statistical Data” section. We can also use enable users to transfer their Arumya data, on their consent, to legal Services after being agreed upon it.

  • Solution contributors: our manufacturers and supplementary companies may have access to your Personal Information for gaining innovative aid, automated trivia (as in Google Analytics), systematic and relevant service info, correctional data, and analytical utilization, factorized by confidential decisiveness, considering only consented information will be shared.

  • Legal bodies- Your personal information may be sent to regulatory bodies, committees, and justice panels, alongside lawyers and responsible officials, in our defense.

  • Your Personal Information may be sent to partnership candidates in case of a deal in shared assets between companies.



No recognition can be done of the user from the statistical data collected. All information from that entered, including medical and service usage data compiled with other users’ info may be stored together for statistical analysis important to us, our subordinates, and third parties without hindrances in order to meet business ends including promotions, research targets,  insights to behavioral perceptions, and for medication management. As an exclusion from the previously stated, the aggregated data compiled will not involve contributions from the Apple app information. 



As a citizen of the Kingdom, the below-mentioned rights are considered:

The gathering of your data can be halted any time by uninstalling the App and withholding any of the Service’s usage.

You may feel free to ask any of the following:


  1. Assurance of your information being preserved and access and retrieving the saved data with the accompanying one.

  2. Access to a classified duplicate of your Personal Information entered.

  3. Correction of any Personal Information under our control.

  4. Deletion of data entered.

  5. Rejection of any activity to be done on your Personal Information.

  6. Suggestion on modifications to the procedural activity done on your Personal Information.

  7. Filing a complaint alongside authoritative orders.


Nevertheless, it is to be known that the statements above are not fixed and may be altered depending on our legal and regulatory concerns.


To request flexibility on the above-mentioned benefits, or to place any inquiry, you can contact us at:

ATTN: DPO, Arumya Project Ltd.

8783 Ibn Alhaitham St, Al Dhahran, Eastern Province, 34464, Saudi Arabia 



An advanced, structured protocol has been implemented to protect your Personal Information and stop any exposure to unknown parties. The data stored on browsers is safeguarded from outside violations. The information is disclosed only to required parties that contribute to providing better prospects as agreed upon with you.

Meanwhile, assistance from your side via securing a proper password and account usage technique is necessary for preventing the mishandling of data. It is your full responsibility to assure all correct uses of the password.

As we aim to maintain privacy on all sides, no guarantee follows this agreement. Data transfer over networks is always prone to risks, and as we look forward to securing information, no warranty can be issued.



Our service places special attention on elderly adults facing memory barriers that dismantle medication prescriptions. However, if children below the age of 18 require the Service, they must be administered under an appropriate guardian. This also applies to the elderly who need assistance in following the proposed guidelines. If any wrong distribution of information is learned of, contact us as presented below, and we will lead towards every action of data removal from the site and application. It should be highlighted here that Arumya holds the rights to review its users’ panel on a periodical basis for assuring safe use and limiting or removing any unauthorized accounts.


Contact us

For any further inquiries, suggestions, and support required on this Privacy Policy page, please contact us at:



ATTN: Arumya Project Ltd.

8783 Ibn Alhaitham St, Al Dhahran, Eastern Province,  34464, Saudi Arabia